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What's up? 

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Map Has Been Reset

The map has been officially reset. This is a bit premature, since there has been no official release of Bukkit/Spigot, and since I have no way of knowing if any dupes/exploits exist, since I no longer play, since I am constantly working, since, since, etc.  So, please, notify me if you know of any exploits, so that I can take appropriate measures.  Happy crafting!  

Funknut - we need you now!

So now the server got updated to 1.7.2 (I don't know who updated it xD) and that update comes with loads of new stuff. The thing is, the map is still optimized for 1.6.4 and that creates minor block lag to the server.

Updated to 1.6.4

Killcraft is now updated to the lastest bukkit.  What fool opped 16shanrahan?  This kid has been shamelessly begging for op since day one, and consistently rude.  Don't give this kid any diamonds, in fact, don't give him food, or share your farm, or anything.  Also, why didn't anyone tell me the map was broken?  Don't let these petty, tactless children take the pride in thinking they've defeated something when they haven't.  It's going to take a lot more than a command block to take Killcraft down for good. 

I still love you Ronny.

We have been through some great times, but those times will now only be memories.
I love you for what you have done Ronny and I must thank you, it is almost worth to fly from Sweden just to give you a hug.
Killcraft will always stay in my heart. <3
Farewell Ronny and farewell Killcraftians!



It seems like Ronny won't restart the server, if that's the case then this is the message I wanted to write.
(If he will restart the server, forget this post) 

Good news!

Things start to look bright for Killcraft again. As some of you know Minecraft 1.6 will be out in the end of next week and then we can hopefully generate the new 1.6 map and create a real spawn for once.

Beta Build Map Reset

With the release of Minecraft 1.5.1, it was announced that the map reset was only temporary, with a more permanent map reset to come with a recommended Bukkit build.  Although a recommended build never came, a beta build of Bukkit 1.5.1 has finally come, and with few bugs it finally seems reasonable to reset the map.  Usually a recommended build comes much sooner than this, but all we have is this measley beta.

Server crash 4/4/13

Sorry guys I crashed the server fixing weird terrain. The server should catch up with itself in an hour or so..

LOL Attack

There is currently an attack occurring on Killcraft right now. It does not seem to be affecting anything, other than filling my server.log with failed connection attempts from known proxies. Nice try, skiddie, whoever you are. IM FIRIN MAH LAZERS!


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